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Add FX ♦ 2017 Sluice Gallery London

In October 2017, the Sluice Biennale in London presents an installation by Paul Valentin and Kalas Liebfried. The theme of their joint work is the invisible and the effect. The wall print "Euphorbia Helioscopia" appears faintly on the back wall of the room. It looks as if it were made of weak light - it is the name of a plant whose juice was used to hide the first secret messages in letters. After their joint exhibition "Blind Carbon Copy" in Munich, which also dealt with the invisible transmission of messages, Kalas Liebfried and Paul Valentin present this time two series of wall works, a sound work and an audio cassette, which are separated by the silver floor elements and the black light lamps hanging above as if by an invisible floor plan.
Installation / Blacklight, Thermoplastic PVC / Animated Photoseries “Unsupported Files”, VHS, Sound Installation and Paintings
Sluice Gallery, London / 23. October 2017

Video/ Images © Paul Valentin Kalas Liebfried