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Blind Carbon Copy ♦ 2017 AkademieGalerie

In a collaboration between munich artist Kalas Liebfried and Paul Valentin, the exhibition “blind carbon copy“ took place in the AkademieGalerie at the university subwaystation munich. The result is a video & soundinstallation, that constitutes the centre of the exhibition about the question of verity and deception. On the musical level you can hear the voice of soprano singer Annabelle von Arnim that reinterprete the recordings from 1960s parapsychologist Konstantīn Raudive (eletronic voice phenomena). The images of the video try to follow the occurence of a mysterious flying fabric that emerges inside and outside the visible world, like a strange jellyfish fisch that scratsches the surface of our perception.

Video HD / CGI Animation / Stereo / 8:34 min
Jahresgaben, Kunstverein München
9 – 17. December 2017
Video/ Images © Paul Valentin