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Hidalgo♦ 2018 Residenz - Max Joseph Hall Munich

The Hidalgo Festival is a classic music festival which premiered on September 8th at Max-Joseph Hall of the Residenz Munich and on September 13th at Harry Klein Club. The opening evening „Epimetheus“ presents vocals and electronic new compositions by Ina Meredi Arakelian in cooperation with DJ Leon Haller about the cycles „Les clartés de la nuit“ by Jacques Hétu (1970) and the Eichendorff song cycles op. 39 by Robert Schumann.
They are contrasted by the video installation by Paul Valentin and Matthias R. Zausinger, which turn the radically disrupted audience situation into a multidimensional work of song art.
On stage are Idunnu Münch (Stuttgart State Opera, Milan Scala) and Matthias Winckhler (Hanover State Opera) together with pianist Tung-Hsing Tsai.

The video works give a new reference point for the lyrics and interprets them from contemporary, digital or urban perspectives. For each of the 17 songs, a kind of still life in video form was created, which sets current developments in relation to the ideals of romanticism and breaks with them.
The nature images portrayed in the poems as ideal and dreamland collide with today’s reality, which, however, awakens the same tendencies of escapism as they were portrait in Eichendorff’s time.
As a synthesis of the unsolvable conflicts between self and environment in real everyday life, dance is the last resort.

17 HD – Videos (no sound) / 9:16

Residenz / Harry Klein Munich
8. / 13. September 2018

Images © Maximilian Riemer & Mattias R. Zausinger & Paul Valentin