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High Jazz ♦ 2018 Jahresausstellung der AdbK

High Jazz is a constantly growing video work, that is created in fragmentrary loops. It is the story behind my love to cocktail swords combined with my passion for audiobooks. Through the eyes and ears of a stranger, the viewer becomes an uninvited guest who snuck in at a nightly beach party of the upper class. There, to his surprise, he meets the gods of his youth. Between immortal philosophers and undead rock stars, the most colourful figures are honoured here, and not all of them are on the "side of the good". In High Jazz, society is portrayed as a serving tray that has got out of balance - and we the people became the dancing and shaky glasses on it. According to this, the figures on the pictorial level of the story are transformed into talking cocktail glasses. [Update July 2018 teaser only]
Background: In the negotiation of the democratic question, the position of the eternally outsider is central for Paul Valentin. As in the "veil of ignorance" introduced by John Rawls, as a famous element of the theory of justice, the perspective of the periphery enables us to take a look at our automatisms. For him, this is the cornerstone of the democratic question of free thinking - anti-automation. Shifting one's thinking in this direction requires neither visceral emotions to be evoked nor a flood of information to be sent by a teacher. The economic mind, instead, is prepared by a multitude of incentives to get out of the carousel of automatism - e.g. by confusion. While the viewer automatically forms a consistent whole out of the web of fragments of conversation and images, he makes use of his ability to depict society as a model once again within his own mind. If in the course of that „paradox of omnipotence“, in the form of the world, as an immoveble object, and thinking as an unstoppable force - one is successfully incarnated in the body of the foreign and now has the privilege and at the same time the burden of free decision.

Video 2K / CGI Animation / bi-neural-stereo / ?:?? min (always growing)
Jahresausstellung der Akademie der bildenden Künste München
9 – 17. Juli 2018
Video/ Images © Michael Pfitzner & Paul Valentin