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The Unobserved Man ♦ 2018 Kunstverein Muenchen

Jahresgaben 2017 presents, Paul Valentin’s work “The Unobserved Man” in which he explores the relationship between language and things by testing the possibilities of the virtual realm to reflect on the physical world. The 3D animated video features a mechanical robot arm emerging from a tumultuous sea to solve a riddle within an abstract plane. Throughout, an unseen narrator gives a paradoxical oration, which repetitively calls up images of clocks, watches, beaches, and balls, a reference to William Paley's "Watchmaker Analogy," which describes that a watch found on the beach immediately appears to be designed, and therefore raises questions of purpose and of the presence of an intelligent creator of the world. The constantly changing polymorphic animated forms and unresolved puzzle produces a dynamic system which wavers between order and chaos. Along the way, the arm seems to learn something about itself, concerning time and its relation to mechanics.

Video HD / CGI Animation / Stereo / 8:34 min
Jahresgaben, Kunstverein München
9 – 17. December 2017
Video/ Images © Paul Valentin