Hidalgo 2018 Residenz Munich
Gedenktafel 2018 AdbK
High Jazz (2018) BPB Bonn
The Unobserved Man (2017) Kunstverein München
Add FX (2017) London

Paul Valentin is an munich based artist and writer. His works deal with the untranslatability of language and images, the literature of Surrealism and Romanticism as ways of escapism and its parallels to the virtual world. Mainly active in the field of CGI and video art, his work also includes music, installation and sculpture. His work has been exhibited at the Kunstverein, Kunstpavillion, Generate!, EMAF, Celeste Prize and Sluice Gallery London as well as at the Exchange Rates New York City

Talse (2016) AkademieGalerie
Blind Carbon Copy (2016) AkademieGalerie
The Uncanny Valley (2016) New York
Raum49 (2017) Atelier Gregor Hildebrandt
N.O.W. (2016) Kunstpavillion München
Vanillery (2015) Generate Tübingen