*1990 in munich, working there

2012 academy of fine arts, sculpture and media (Prof. Stephan Huber)

Selected exhibitions

2016  ~  Streitfeld, group exhibition (11. Nov)

2016  ~  Noises  at Exchange Rates, New York  City

2016  ~  Celeste Prize at OXO Tower,  London

  [awarded with the 2nd prize of the artists]

2016  ~  Group Ehibition at Streitfeld Project Space

2016  ~   PPP, Annual Exhibition of the Academy [as curator and artist]

                  [awarded with the prize of the academy jury]

2016  ~  Unboxing Pandora Kunstpavillion, Munich

2015  ~  Generate Festival for Electronic Arts at Shedhalle, Tübingen

2015  ~  Epodiumgallery, Presentation

2015  ~  Fortran, Annual Exhibition of the Academy

2014  ~  Mariannengraben at  Haus der Kleinen Künste, Munich

2014  ~ in a black room with white curtains, Annual Exhibition of the Academy

Disjointed. Broken. Not coherent. Seemingly irrational: It's a disconnected argument. Confused. Rambling. Incoherent. Got it? It's not: Cogent, logical, coherent. We were disconnected. We are here to disconnect you. Listen. State your business and disconnect. When social pressures become too great, you should simply disconnect. So, let your senses flow and disconnect with us. Be broke. Got it?

Performance / with Gregor Peschko, Kalas Liebfried and Paul Valentin

At Booklyn Fire Proof Building, New York City / 23. October 2016

Images/Video © Paul Valentin


Like a ghost train, the half puzzled spectator is grinding along a nerrow rim of an unreal habitat.

In here, strange forces brood their ideas. Trough the foraign guts of poetry and past some wired translation, you may think, that this ride is somthing for the big fishes in way to samll pon(d)s!

The titel of the work refers to an effect in AI science which says, that artifical objects with a human

face scare us, the more they resemble to us.

In the world of today, in which more and more artificial processes were expended, to get closer to

naturalness than ever befor, this very phenomenon is getting a crucial meaning.

Videoloop HD / 11 min / Stereo

At Booklyn Fire Proof Building, New York City /  October 2016

Images/Video © Paul Valentin

On Sale at Vertex Art Gallery

Attention! Please click on the arrow-button twice to see the video in it’s original view (vertical) and turn your screen upright

The Uncanny Valley

Whether the unheard fallen tree in the forest is real, or becomming real, finally by it's consideration, is one of the famous paradoxes of George Berkeley, which in the age of digital and hidden processes get a crucial meaning.

According to this question of constructivism, the observer tooks a ride through a virtual genesis, while he unveil the production path of an absurd machinery and cast an involuntary glance behind the scenes of a failed transcription

Video HD / 6:14 min / Stereo

Booklyn Fire Proof Building, New York City / 23. October 2016

Images/Video © Paul Valentin

On Sale at Vertex Art Gellery

The Unobserved World

On the outer walls of Kunstpavillion Munich, three works by young artist Paul Valentin were exhibited. They show the rise and fall of an obelisk, in three scenes, which are adjusted to the three cardinal directions north(N), east/ost(O) and west(W). In the NS-context of the building, its appearence is also refering to be a ideological column of domineering authority. The Stairs and Places around the Kunstpavillion, which is near to the munich Palais of justice, are an common meeting point for teenagers and homeless people. The Walls are over and over marked with messages. You can find anything from love confessions, murder threats and insults or philosofical nihilisms. All are pointing to an hard honesty. Paul Valentin extracted this writings and re-combined them in an translucent stancil. Through that stancil a far southern sun is shining onto the establishing of the monument, his reign and in the end onto his ruins.

Installation / Three panels, PVC on aluminium frame / 210 x 10 x 160 ( HxDxW )

Kunstpavillion München / July - October 2015

Images © Paul Valentin


The big space is empty, except of the column base with a motrised turntable on top, that

carries a projector. While it rotates, the projektor is throwing the image of a film on to the walls, that's showing the work of a group exhibition. All works were installed in the very room befor and  filmed with a camera on the same turntable. In every cyclic turnaround the projektion reveals a different exhibition view, in ever changing ways of arranging the works of all members of the class that participated in this projekt. Every rotation allows new narrations and overcome the boundaries of the physical room to expand its space.

Curation: Eva Burkhartd, Felix Kruis, Judith Neunhäuserer, Paul Valentin

Winner of the academy prize, best concept and implementation

Akademie der bildenenden Künste  München / July 2015

Imagefilm © Felix Kruis

Second video: Shutterstock

As shown at the presentation room during the annual exhibition. Screening with the artist Lillian Robl, Paul Valentin is presenting the work Shutterstock, a film totaly build out of teaser parts from the well known platform, were the title revers to. In a simple way, he’s interessted in the question, how an artificial inteligance, would create inself a history, from birth to death and how it would create itself a mythology, out of its own contend - the internet. And what it is about to meet ones creator.

Video 720p / 7:00 min / Stereo

Akademie der bildenenden Künste  München / July 2015

Also at

Film © Paul Valentin

PPP - Presentation and Curation / Shutterstock

The control and be controlled is central to the work “vanillery”. For this reason, the artist works, in this 10 min loop, with the aesthetics of computer games. Dramatic and ceremonial stands beside the intimate loneliness, that came from been foaled in a cryptical and artificial world. The program and the working space be like the process it self, a part of the storythat is revolving around the blurred boundaries of the virtual world.

>video password protected - for further informations use the contact formular<

Video 720p / 2 parts /ca. 6 & 4 min / Stereo

‘Generate’ festival of electronic arts / November 2015

Images/Video © Paul Valentin

On sale at Epodium Gallery


The piece “barber of suez” as the title of the work revers to, is from a series of images, in which Paul Valentin trys the perspectiv view of subjects in more or less famous artworks. The digital based Images he created, showing things from out the painting and some things beyond. It is about the Point were the to Images of two artist meet and were there contend is mixed.

Hanemühle print on alu-bond / 60x18cm

Annual Exhibition 2015 AdbK

Images © Paul Valentin

I give you a Point

The so-called “Mise en abyme” or Droste effect, which can be observed by standing between two parallel mirrors was the trigger to this work. In the videoloop, the viewer experience a simulated camera flight, through a world of reflection and illusion. Precise and abstract moments happening in a tranquil atmosphere.

Video HD / 7 min each (7parts) / Dolby 5.1

St. Maximilian Church / 2014 - 2015

Images/Video © Paul Valentin

On sale at Vertex Art Gallery


In the Videoinstallation, the suspector's following the movement of an arcane drone, which's diving into the facilities of an old school gym and poise along the empty hallways. I’s a uncommented view between unease and curiosity.

Video HD / 4:44 min / Stereo

Kunstpavillion München / Juli - August 2015

Images/Video © Paul Valentin

a boulder is scanning the ruin of the gym

The Uncanny Valley


The Unobserved World


a boulder is scanning the ruins of the gym


Barber of Suez


PPP J.A. 2016


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